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Loans Boxes

The museum has a small number of loans boxes available for schools and community groups to borrow.


Travelling People's Story box
Travelling People’s Story
Developed through a project with young Travellers, this box features original and replica objects as well asphotographs related to Travellers lives in the past. The box also features activities to help pupils learn more about how Travellers live today. Suitable for Citizenship and Social Studies topics.

Evacuee SuitcaseEvacuee Suitcase
A suitcase containing the sorts of things that children evacuated to the countryside during WWII might have taken with them. Replica clothing can be tried on by pupils.

Booking information
To book a loans box please contact Rachel Chisholm on 01540 673551 or by email rachel.chisholm@highland.gov.uk

If you think we may have objects that would support a topic you are studying or interested in, but which is not covered by our loans boxes we may be able to put some material together and bring it out to you. Please contact Rachel Chisholm on 01540 673551.

Further loans boxes are also available through Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, click here to see their loans box list.



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